JLT Clamps Products

JLT Clamps is the world leader in door and panel clamping machinery for small and large custom woodworking shop.

Whether you are a cabinet maker, carpenter, or run engineered millwork, JLT can provide the stock or custom clamp system to make your job easier, improve your quality, and increase your productivity while cutting costs.

JLT Face Frame Tables

JLT Clamps Offers two different styles of Face frame Clamping Systems:

  1. Conventional Face Frame Table with Vertical Pressure for Pocket Hole Style of Frames
  2. (2) Direction Horizontal Pressure for both Pocket Hole Style and Mortise & Tenon Style Frames

Both machines are designed well and built to match the heaviness and sturdiness that our customers are accustomed to with JLT Clamps Machinery.

JLT Edge Gluing & Lamination

The Industry’s most popular and versatile gluing and laminating machines for the custom shop or custom area. Panel Clamps have a small footprint and feature the patented Taylor Clamp design. Offering different lengths, different size clamps, single row, and (5) row designs, JLT has a Panel Clamp to fit your needs.

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Stile & Rail Squaring

JLT’s most popular family of Door Clamps designed to make clamping and squaring Stile & Rail cabinet doors efficient and easy. Clamping force is applied in the correct spot on the joint, change over from door to door is quick and easy, and doors are clamped and squared in under (2) seconds for a fast and efficient process. Multiple frame sizes and configurations will help you create higher quality doors more quickly.

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Miter Squaring

JLT’s innovative designs and features have pushed the Miter Door Clamp to the top of the list for customers producing miter doors. Independent control of each corner, proper placement of clamping force, and fast change overs create high quality doors in a shorter amount of time.

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JLT Buddy System

Buddy Systems were created to help our customers save valuable floor space. By hanging the door clamp onto the back of a panel clamp, we reduce the floor print taken up by those two machines by close to 40%. Buddy System packages include our most popular models and can be ordered with a few different machine pairings.

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Drawer Clamping

JLT’s #190 Series of Drawer Clamps are heavy duty and effective machines at clamping and squaring both dovetail and doweled drawer boxes. A simple and easy to use design that will allow the operator to change from size to size very quickly, the JLT Drawer Clamps are the right machine for your Drawer Area.

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Entry Door Clamping

If Entry Doors are part of your product offering, the JLT Entry Door Clamps are the right machine for you. JLT offers a standard model for the everyday interior and exterior door, and then a line of custom sized machines if standard is not what you build. Heavy Duty, easy to use, and effective, this machine is a good fit for you!!

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JLT Glue Application

Attaining the proper glue spread thickness is very important. Too much or too little glue spread will weaken glue joints. Also, too much glue wastes money, slows production and creates more “clean up time” for both the applicator and the Panel Clamp or Door Clamp. JLT offers solutions for applying glue to panel stock and also applying glue onto Stile & Rail Door parts.

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JLT Edge Gluing Accessories

Accessories to the JLT Panel Clamps are an important consideration when purchasing a JLT Machines. Each accessory is designed to make one or two facets of the overall process much easier on the operator. From glue applicators to panel flatteners, JLT has a number of options to help improve the gluing area.

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